Sunday, January 5, 2014

Girl Scout Cookie Journals

I'm currently making these for the girls in my Girl Scout troop. They are made from composition books and cookie boxes that I saved from last year. I'm hoping they will use them to keep track of customers, chart their goals, keep track of inventory, etc. This could be a good project for your girls to do (Brownies and up?) but we are short on time this time of year and sometimes I like to surprise them with a little "gift".

Composition Notebooks
Adhesive (I like Scotch Quick-Dry)
Paper Trimmer
Cookie Boxes (about 1 per notebook)

Unless you want to completely cover the front and back with the cookie boxes, you will also need some scrapbooking paper. Any paper will do, including solid colors. I choose some from American Girls crafts because of it's bright colors and "girly" inspirational sayings. One piece of
12" x 12" or 8.5" x 11" paper is enough for each notebook.


First, cut up the boxes. You need to make the first cut with scissors so it will lay flat in the trimmer. If you don't have a trimmer, you could use scissors but it's more difficult to end up with straight lines. NOTE: Cutting the cardboard will pretty much ruin your blade.

 Now, start laying out your pieces on the composition notebook. You may need to trim some pieces to get them to all fit together.

Once you have them all laid out, glue them on.

Then, cut some scrabooking paper to fill in the gaps.

 Now, for the back.

Don't forget to trim the edges.