Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Doll Bed Redo

I found this little doll bed at a second hand store a few months ago. It ended up in the "give away" pile when I realized it was too short for Olivia's American Girl Dolls. Olivia saw it, however, and begged me to give it a second chance. She wanted to make it her "Build-A-Bear" bed. The bed disassembled with only a few screws and it got a few coats of primer and then white spray paint. Olivia picked out the Hello Kitty fabric and my mediocre sewing skills were able to make a bed sheet, comforter, pillow and throw pillow pretty fast. Sewing things into a square, can't get any easier than that. I also ripped off the old fabric and covered up the bottom with the same Hello Kitty fabric.