Friday, May 29, 2015

Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony

I made one of these for each of the girls with the badges, patches and pins they had earned.


Table Decorations

Bags to hold all their cookie incentives


Flag Ceremony

  Bridging to Cadettes

Monday, May 18, 2015

Girl Scout Kaper Charts

Two Kaper Charts made for my troop meetings when they were mostly Brownies and Juniors. We use a smaller chart in a binder now that they are all Cadettes but at the time they really liked the bigger visual. A kaper is a job or chore that must be done. In Girl Scouting, a kaper chart is prepared which indicates all the jobs available and who is responsible for each one.

Girl Scout Camp Helpers

A kaper is a job or chore that must be done. In Girl Scouting, a kaper chart is prepared which indicates all the jobs available and who is responsible for each one. We let the girls pick the creature they wanted to use to represent their patrol.

This is a handwashing station. It was made by lashing together three PVC pipes. A golf tee keeps the water from coming out between washings. You can hang a soap pump or a bar or soap inside a piece of nylon panty hose. The bucket catches the excess water to keep a puddle from forming underneath.

Girl Scout Cookie Booth

My husband made this Girl Scout Cookie Booth using a pallet and few 2x4's. The top comes off and the whole thing folds up using four hinges. The sign, which also comes apart using bolts, nuts and washers, was made using some 1x1's, a piece of plywood and chalk paint.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Girl Scout DIY Bridge

Last year, there was no time or truck available to get our Service Unit's bridge so my older son and I made this one out of three pallets. Two pallets sit on the ground while the top pallet straddles them. It's not perfect but it comes apart and can be set up fairly quick. Instead of painting it, we choose to stain it a dark color. We used chair spindles for the posts.We made it one day so some of the posts are a little crooked (I'm not very good with a drill). Our girls are bridging at the end of this month so I'll set it up before and try to fix some of the spindles so they are straight.

Other pictures from current or past Bridging/Court of Awards/End of the Year Parties:

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Girl Scout Cookie Journals

I'm currently making these for the girls in my Girl Scout troop. They are made from composition books and cookie boxes that I saved from last year. I'm hoping they will use them to keep track of customers, chart their goals, keep track of inventory, etc. This could be a good project for your girls to do (Brownies and up?) but we are short on time this time of year and sometimes I like to surprise them with a little "gift".

Composition Notebooks
Adhesive (I like Scotch Quick-Dry)
Paper Trimmer
Cookie Boxes (about 1 per notebook)

Unless you want to completely cover the front and back with the cookie boxes, you will also need some scrapbooking paper. Any paper will do, including solid colors. I choose some from American Girls crafts because of it's bright colors and "girly" inspirational sayings. One piece of
12" x 12" or 8.5" x 11" paper is enough for each notebook.


First, cut up the boxes. You need to make the first cut with scissors so it will lay flat in the trimmer. If you don't have a trimmer, you could use scissors but it's more difficult to end up with straight lines. NOTE: Cutting the cardboard will pretty much ruin your blade.

 Now, start laying out your pieces on the composition notebook. You may need to trim some pieces to get them to all fit together.

Once you have them all laid out, glue them on.

Then, cut some scrabooking paper to fill in the gaps.

 Now, for the back.

Don't forget to trim the edges.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Apple Shirts

This is a project that I am helping the Kindergartener Room Parent's with at my daughter's school. They wanted to make shirts for each kid for field trip days. The teacher's name is also going on the back of the shirt for easy identification. I've cut lots of vinyl but never the heat setting vinyl. They bought the vinyl from Expressions Vinyl and I cut it on a 12x24 mat. I used Cricut Doodlecharms for the apple and the font is Cricut Plantin Schoolbook. It cuts very easy, just follow the directions that Expressions Vinyl give you for your machine. They have a video that I suggest watching before you get started. For a Cricut, you have to set the pressure to 3, the blade depth to 2 and the speed to 2. Any more and you will cut through the transfer tape. This vinyl ironed on very easy for me. I can see this being a great project for other activities including birthday parties and my daughter's Girl Scout troop.