Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Frog Diaper Cake

This is the first diaper cake that I made. If you've ever wanted to make one, you should. They are easy to make and an interesting centerpiece for a baby shower. Everything (including the diapers) can be used for baby later so there is no waste. You can incorporate the theme of the shower, as I did for this Frog Baby Shower.

To make the "cake" you roll Size 1 or 2 diapers up starting at the fold. I used Huggies because I love their diapers and they just happen to have a little blue and green stripe on them. If you don't want a pattern to show, use Pampers Swaddlers. Secure with a rubber band (I use the clear mini hair rubber bands). To start the layers, I use a baby bottle (with the lid and nipple off) and put a rubber band around it. I build the cake on a round cardboard cake board. Start adding your rolled diapers until they form a ring around the bottle. For the next ring of diapers you will need larger rubber bands. I have only been able to find the larger ones at business supply stores. For this cake, the bottom row contains three rings of diapers. Build the second layer the same way but this time add one less ring of diapers. Add another baby bottle. The top ring of this cake only had one ring of diapers. You can make your cake bigger or smaller by adjusting the amounts of rings on each level. I used hot glue to attach the ribbon so it stays secure. Ribbon was used to tie on the onesie and socks. You can also attach pacifiers, rattles, hats or just about anything! So he would sit up nice, I tied the frog to a small dowel using ribbon. I pushed the dowel down the length of the cake. The "baby" word was cut with my Cricut using the New Arrival cartridge. You can use the babies name for a more personal touch. During the shower, I placed the cake on a glass cake stand to give it some height.

Materials: 50-55 Size 1 or 2 diapers, 2 baby bottles (or tubes, thick dowels or other glass or plastic bottles), round cake board, 3 large rubber bands, 3 regular rubber bands, 50-55 very small rubber bands, wide ribbon, glue gun, Cricut New Arrival cartridge

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